Lead with Heart in the Boardroom

A comprehensive program for contemporary purpose-driven board members who want to use their influence to make a positive impact and build a legacy they can be proud of

Lead with Heart in the Boardroom will improve your knowledge, skill and mindset around governing and leading culture and driving systemic change from the boardroom with the ultimate goal of creating a culture where people feel valued and cared for.


Before I tell you about this transformational program, let's talk about who this is really for ...

You are on a board for more than the prestige and the paycheck. You want the work you're doing on the board to matter, beyond the time that you'll sit on that board.

Whether you're...

A new or experienced board member. Your beliefs, assumptions and behaviour in your boardroom inform the structures and systems in your organization, so you want to ensure that you maintain a contemporary mindset regarding how to improve wellbeing, mental health and safety outcomes.

A member of a governance committee. Whether it's the audit and risk, finance or governance committees, culture is influenced by the various inputs to and outputs from these committees.

A Chairperson. You cultivate boardroom behaviour that can either hinder or improve wellbeing, health and safety outcomes.

... you're in the right place.

Lead with Heart in the Boardroom will give you the knowledge, skill and mindset to lead and govern a culture where people feel they matter.

By the end of this program you will:

But above all else ...

Lead with Heart in the Boardroom will bring more humanity to your governance and leadership and transform the way you see your influence on outcomes so that you can lead with purpose create a legacy that you can be proud of.

Leaders Committed to Changing People's Lives By Changing How They Feel At Work

"Business could be the most powerful force for good in the world, if leaders would embrace the awesome responsibility of leadership. Caring for people and giving them meaning, purpose and fulfillment through their work is not in disharmony with creating value." - Bob Chapman, CEO & Chair Barry-Wehmiller

"We’ve had a health pandemic so what are we going to change? If we look back at the end of this year and we’ve changed nothing, then we’ve missed the greatest opportunity of our lifetime." - Alison Mirams, CEO Roberts Co

"It's the human lifeblood that is the most important asset, but in most places there's not proof that it's really true, it's just something you say." - Paul O'Neill, former CEO & Chair Alcoa

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What's Inside Lead with Heart in the Boardroom

A Framework to Strengthen Your Influence & Make a Bigger Impact

HABIT 1: Focus on What's Important

In Habit 1 we’ll look at the role of your values, assumptions and beliefs play in your leadership of wellbeing, health and safety, how organizational success is inextricably linked and dependent on a healthy, happy and resilient society and in this Habit you’ll learn a few paradigms that are holding many board members back from making a positive impact in society and the shift that’s needed in order for that to change.


HABIT 2: Be Informed

Habit 2 is focussed on building the foundational knowledge that you need in your board career to be effective at leading safety and mental health. This is one of the most comprehensive modules in the program. Upon completion, you'll feel more comfortable in speaking to the complex nature and interdependence between mental health and safety and you'll see where the board has the most influence on mental health outcomes.

HABIT 3: Ask Better Questions

In Habit 3, we look at why organizations fail, precisely because they're doing well. This habit will paint a picture of the types of health and safety information that you should be looking at in your board role. Upon completion of Habit 3 you’ll appreciate the extent of your influence on health and safety outcomes, indeed, you’ll be itching to get into Habits 4 and 5 where you'll see how you can be more proactive in using your influence lead systemic change.

HABIT 4: Remove the Excuses

In Habit 4, be prepared to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty because we will examine the key levers where the board has a lot of influence to drive systemic change. We'll explore indicators, goals, incentives, gateways and performance management critieria that either help or hinder health and safety outcomes.

HABIT 5: Cultivate the Culture You Seek

In Habit 5 we dive in to positive psychology, examine a measureable well-being framework and identify leverage points for the board to positively influence well-being outcomes. We'll look at the role of positive emotions in the workplace, the power of the heart in driving human performance, the link behind finding meaning and purpose in our work and organizational purpose, and how flourishing improves business performance.

HABIT 6: Lead By Example

In Habit 6 we go back to mindset, just like where we started in Habit 1. At this point in the program you’re incredibly aware of your influence on health, safety and well-being outcomes, and now you have a solid foundation of knowledge and tools to use your influence effectively and confidently. However, to continue to be effective and influence others, you need to bring the right mindset to the boardroom.

The Effective Habits for Purpose Driven Board Members Framework

Six training modules that take you through multiple paradigm shifts and equip you with the knowledge, skill and mindset to lead a people-centric culture from the boardroom and make a positive impact.

Implementation Tools

Videos, audio files, pdf guides, checklists and exercises to help you implement the concepts that we go through that you can pull out any time or reflect on throughout your personal governance journey.

Smart App Delivery

Access to all available content on your phone or smart device through app-based delivery.

Lifetime access to the content.

For as long as the program is available, you will have access.

Certificate of Completion

To be used as evidence with most international company director institutes as evdience of your continuing professional development.

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3 Monthly Payments of



One-time (save $294)

1 Payment of


28-day Money Back Guarantee

Let me say this upfront. 

Lead with Heart in the Boardroom is a comprehensive and transformational leadership journey for boardroom leaders who genuinely want to make a positive impact on the health, happiness and resilience of those in their company and who are inspired by the potential to make an even bigger impact on society.

When you join, you will be part of a special community of like-minded leaders who WILL transform the future of boardroom health, safety and well-being leadership.

But here's the kicker.

If within 28 days of releasing Habit 01, you get in there and do the exercises, but you’re not satisfied that you’re thinking differently about culture, systems, or well-being, health and safety and you don’t feel that you’re more confident in terms of your influence on outcomes, I’ll gladly refund your investment. Full details here.


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